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Vacay Ready: My Fav Beach Look

So, this summer was the first summer in yearrsss me and my fam were able to go on a family vacation that wasn't centered around sports of some sort. I did competitive gymnastics for fifteen years so my summers were filled with early morning practices and team outings, and Landon (my brother) plays baseball so his summers have always been filled with traveling back and forth to games and tournaments every day. And of course my parents summers were filled with drivng us back and forth to practices and going to all of Landons games (they are the best and never missed a game or competition). We were very, very busy and really never had much free time (which I am so thankful for because we wouldn't be who we are without gymnastics & baseball (and also football)). This summer looked a little bit different though! Landon was at Mississippi State for a summer semester and baseball workouts and I had an internship in Atlanta, so we both had set schedules and end dates with a few weeks at the end of the summer for some free time! So, my fam decided to take advantage of that free time and finally go on our first family vacation in yearrsss (and with all three dogs, nanny, Trenten, and Bradley)!

A couple pics we got while at the beach! We went to St.Simon's for the first time and we loovveedd it! :)

Naturally, I started planning for this trip weeeeks in advance (planning out my outfits that is). I started shopping for this trip about a month before and planning each of my outfit ideas in my head. I did lots of browsing online, looking at instagram for inspo, and visiting a few different stores to ensure I was planning out the best fits for our long awaited vacation.

Luckily, all my ideas and inspo came together and I had each of my outfits planned for the week. I had one look in particular that was my absolute fav, so I wanted to share with ya'll! I was so excited about this fit when I was packing and planning out my looks for the week. I had been on the hunt for the perfect one piece and I had finally found one (thank you TJ Maxx, you're the best). I decided to pair it with on off-white maxi skirt that just screamed beach to me (I had been waiting so long for a beach trip to wear this thing). Me and my mom found the cutest beach hat that pulled the whole look together. It was tan and had navy detailing that pulled out the navy in my bathing suit. This whole look made me feel beachy and happy and I am so happy it all came together. Oh, and I can't forget about the tan scrunchy I wore on my wrist (an essential almost all of the time and especially when you are at the beach). Check out the pics below to see the fit :)

One Piece - Aerie (but I found it in the clearance section at TJ Maxx!) (similar styles are linked here & here!)

Maxi Skirt - Forever 21 (similar style linked!)

Beach Hat - Target (similar style linked!)

I hope this look gives you a little bit of inspo for you and your next beach vacation. This look was so simple and easy to put together. A simple, basic skirt is such a good pair for a busy, patterned one piece (or even a bodysuit or top). Fedoras, floppy hats, and so many other styles are so in right now, so they are the perfect accessory for any beach look (or really any look honestly because they are so trendy and the perfect accessory). The smallest details and accessories can pull your whole fit together, it's all about the details!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I'll see ya'll soon for another post!

xoxo Mads <3

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1 Comment

Sep 05, 2019

Great post Maddy. I love your look and how easy and inexpensive it is!!

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