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Must Haves in Your Fall 2019 Wardrobe

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The air is cool, the leaves and trees are such pretty colors, it just makes me happy. I love being able to curl up in an oversized sweatshirt with some leggings and fuzzy socks. Well, hopefully I can do all that soon. I am sooo over this hot weather and so ready for it to start feeling like fall, I mean come on it's October!!

As far as trends and styles go, the fall is my absolute favorite. I love fall looks, colors and accessories. I absolutely love putting together and styling outfits during this time of the year. Mom jeans, booties, denim jackets, oversized sweaters, flare jeans, I love it all.

This fall, I am really, really, really loving a lot of the trends. Fashion is constantly evolving and changing and past trends are always coming back to life in new ways. I think that is why I love all of the trends this fall. They are all trends making their way back into the fashion world and are literally better than ever!

Here are my top ten favorite trends of Fall 2019 :)

1. Animal Print

2. Western Styled Hats

3. Midi Skirts

4. Knitwear

5. Asymmetrical Necklines

6. Suiting

7. Platform Shoes

8. Statement Sleeves

9. Athleisure

10. Rust Colors

Click on the links below for some of these trends!

Check out my Fall Inspo Pinterest board for all your Fall 2019 outfit ideas! Click on the image below and it will take you straight to my board on Pinterest :)

Some of the online stores I am loving right now for all the latest on Fall trends are ASOS, Princess Polly, Free People, Forever 21 and LuLu's! Each of these links will take you directly to the Fall Collections on each website!. These are great websites for even more outfit inspiration and what is trending right now. When looking for outfit inspiration and new ideas, I always look into my favorite websites, Instagram, Pinterest, my peers and different fashion bloggers!

I hope this gives you some inspo for all of your fall looks this year! There are so many ways to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe :) I'll be back next week with another post!

xoxo Mads <3

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