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Latest Shopping Finds: Fav Stores, Shopping Tips & More

Whenever I have any free time, I am sure y'all can all guess where I am, shopping. I have always loved shopping. Every time I would come home from a break or long weekend in school, I would drag my mom shopping with me. The thing with shopping is that I don't have to even buy anything. I just love browsing and getting inspiration on new trends in styles from all of my favorite stores. I love being able to buy a few things here and there and incorporating them into my wardrobe in different ways. I love putting outfits together and being able to style certain pieces in many different ways. I am also all about sales and getting good deals on everything I buy. I RARELY buy anything full priced unless I just absolutely love it and need it right then.

So, over the last few weeks I have found some great new pieces that I am really excited about. All of the items I have bought recently were on sale or very reasonably priced. Some of my favorite stores for great deals are:

Belk and Macy's Free People section (this is my FAV. I love Free People and I can always find such good deals at both of these department stores)

TJ Maxx (sometimes you have to dig but you can always find something)

Francesca's (they always have great sales and their clearance section is always up to date)

Forever 21 (you can always leave with something trendy and very reasonably priced)

Target (like I said a few blogs back, I love their Wild Fable brand. It is so trendy and so reasonably priced)


My first new fav piece I purchased is this Free People bodysuit in the top left picture that I found at Macy's. I love this body suit. It is so comfortable because the bottom is lace so it doesn't dig into your skin and the color is amazing! I also love the ruffle detailing on the sleeves. It is so girly and such a perfect piece as we transition into fall!

The second piece I found is the blue romper in the tope left picture from Belk. I literally got this romper for $5!! I love this romper. The color was so out of my comfort zone and it is such a good piece to pair with a statement bootie right now.

So, for my third and fourth new pieces, I got two tops from the clearance section at Francesca's. These pictures are the top right and bottom left. The one thing that I like about the Francesca's clearance section is that there are always so many sizes. A lot of times I have a hard time finding my size in clearance but I almost always can find my size at Francesca's. The first top I got was this super cute red tank top with button detailing. This color was also pretty out of my comfort zone, but I just loved it when I tried it on. I thought it was the perfect piece to wear right now with some jeans while we slowly make our way into fall. The second piece I got was this really pretty peplum styled black top. I love this top. It has such pretty lace detailing on the front and is so flattering. I got both of these items for $9.98 each!

The fifth new piece I bought was this button down from Forever 21 which is the bottom middle picture. I LOVE this top! This color screams fall to me and I just love it. This is the perfect top to tuck into any pair of jeans and I know it is going to be a piece I always go to grab in my closet all throughout this fall season!

The last piece I got was this adorable dress from Steinmart in the bottom right picture. This dress is Free People and I absolutely loveee Free People. I found this dress for $12 (for anyone who knows Free People, their quality and their prices, you know this was a steal). I love the colors of this dress and the back detailing and all the fun straps. It is so comfy, I am obsessed!

Here is all the links for all of these pieces!

Body Suit - Free People but I found it at Macy's!

Romper - Belk (You can find a similar style here!)

Black Top - Francesca's

Button Down - Forever 21

Dress - Free People but I found it at Steinmart!

Thanks for reading, I hope y'all enjoyed. I'll be back next week with a new post!

xoxo Mads <3

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