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College Edition: Formal Looks

It is hard to believe that it is already November! With it coming to the last couple of months of the year, the semester for college is also almost over. The end of October and into November, semi-formals and formals start happening for sororities and fraternities in college. So, I thought that this post was fitting with semi-formal and formals happening over the next few weekends! :)

This time of the year and semester was always my favorite. For Kappa Delta at Georgia Southern, we had our semi-formal during the fall semester and our formal during the Spring semester. Some schools do it a little bit differently and will do formal during the fall semester and semi-formal during the spring semester. Trenten's fraternity also has their formal during the spring semester as well. For his formal, we get to travel somewhere for the weekend. We got to go to Daytona and Orlando the last two years and it was the best time with all of our friends!

My favorite thing was shopping for my dresses for formal. It is no surprise at all that I would shop for my dresses months in advance for these events. A lot of times there would be last minute issues with our dresses or shoes or whatever it may be, so I liked to have my dress and shoes picked out months before so I wasn't rushing at the last minute. This also gave me enough time to get alterations done to my dress if needed!

There are so many places to shop online for semi-formal and formal dresses (being at school, it was a lot easier to shop for these kind of dresses online!). Some of my favorite places online to shop for formal dresses are LuLu's, ASOS, Tobi, Nasty Gal, PrettyLittleThing, Missguided and Princess Polly. These websites have so many different styles for these occasions. You can find long dresses, short dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits, you name it. I also found some of my dresses at Dress Up and in the prom section of Macy's. One formal I also borrowed a jumpsuit from one of my friends and she found it at Urban Outfitters.

Below is some pictures of what I wore to mine and Trenten's formals over the last couple of years!

Kappa Delta Semi-Formal 2018

For this semi-formal, I found my dress at Dress Up. I actually found it over the summer and thought it was perfect for this occasion! You can find a similar style here! I paired this dress with silver accessories and black heels!

Kappa Delta Formal 2019

Out of all of my formal dresses this one was my favoriteee!! I absolutely loved the neckline and the back of the dress. It was so pretty! I found this one on ASOS! You can find it here! I also paired this dress with silver accessories and black heels!

ATO Formal 2019

For Trenten's formal, I wore this cheetah print jumpsuit. I loveddd this formal outfit. It was so comfy and I love jumpsuits so much. I borrowed this jumpsuit from my friend Ashleigh and she found it at Urban Outfitters! You can find a similar style here! I paired this outfit with gold jewelry and my again, my black heels!

ATO Formal 2018

I also loved this dress so much! I loved the neckline and I thought the lace detailing was so pretty! I found this dress in the prom section of Macy's and it was literally like $25! You can find all of the sale prom dresses online at Macy's as well as in store! I paired this dress with my red crossbody purse, gold accessories and nude heels!

I love shopping for occasions like formal and semi-formal. It can be really hard to find dresses at reasonable prices for these events. I always start by looking at what is on sale first when shopping. My friends and I would also always look to see if there was anything we could borrow of each others to wear for formals. This helped a lot too when we felt like we couldn't find anything. All the websites I listed above have very reasonable priced dresses also and helps with finding different dresses so that you aren't wearing the same or similar dresses as everyone else!

I hope this gave all you college gals a little inspo for your next formal. I'll be back next week with a new post! :)

xoxo Mads <3

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