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A Spontaneous Trip: Another Game Day Look

Spontaneous is something that I usually never am, like ever. I am such a planner and like to make sure I have everything prepared and figured out that I just have the hardest time being spontaneous and just going with the flow. It is something that I am constantly working on and trying to get better about.

This weekend I think I did something spontaneous for the first time ever (shoutout to you Kate ahah!). I went down to Statesboro to see all of my friends and Trenten and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After a busy week and missing all of my friends and Trenten like crazy, this weekend was so needed and made my heart so full. I never knew how much Statesboro really meant to me until I graduated, but I am constantly reminded every time I go back that this little place gave me so much and gave me some of the greatest people.

There were a few different things going on this weekend in Statesboro. Saturday was game day for Georgia Southern and also one of my best gals birthday! It was rainy and verrrryyyy cold but we still had the best time. It was sooooo good to be back with all of my best friends!

For game day, since it was literally so cold and rainy, I just decided that I needed to wear something warm! I wore one of my favorite oversized seaters (seriously the softest thing ever) and I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans and black booties. I decided to wear my black booties because it was rainy and muddy and thought they would hold up best in the weather. I paired my look with gold jewelry and of course I had to wear a KD pin :). I finished off my look with another favorite of mine which is my leopard print Jimmi Wz purse!

Sweater - Altar'd State

Jeans - Target

Booties - Boohoo

Purse - Jimmi Wz (You can find all of the different style purses here!)

I love trying to put together for game days! Usually I wear something a little more of school colors but this weekend I just wanted to be warm andddd I didn't pack that much to be able to do so (I should've checked the weather haha). I love pairing oversized sweaters with a cute pair of jeans. I feel this dresses up the sweater a little bit. I also love pairing pretty much everything with gold jewelry, because again it is all about the details and jewelry always helps dress your look up and add a little something to it. And like I always say, a statement piece always pulls your whole outfit together and one of my go-to's for this is my Jimmi Wz purse!

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspo for your next game day look. I'll be back next week with another post! :)

xoxo Mads <3

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